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We are excited to welcome 

Executive Chef somewhere-louisville-restaurant-chef-kitchenCecilia Butler

to the Somewhere family!

Chef Cecilia Butler’s love affair with food began at an early age. Growing up in Michoacán, Mexico, she was inspired by her grandmother’s unyielding dedication to excellence and tradition in their regional and national cuisine. Her passion was fueled further by exploring indigenous and ancestry cooking in Morelia, Mexico.

Continuing her education at Sullivan University, Chef Cecilia Butler began developing a signature style, combining old-world dishes with an exciting, new-world aesthetic. Over nearly a decade, she took her expertise all over the US, Korea, and Spain, ceaselessly crafting a unique fusion that highlights the best of her heritage and marries it with the singular flavors of other cultures.

Her passion for mixing flavor profiles, textures, and histories is evident in her innovative and colorful dishes. Chef Cecilia’s commitment to her vision, pride in her roots, experience, and creativity will take you around the world and into the comfort of her childhood home with every taste, no passport required.

Now, Louisville, KY once again plays host to Chef Cecilia Butler’s artistry–at Somewhere Louisville Restaurant.

Mission Statement

Somewhere Louisville
Our goal at Somewhere Restaurant is to supply the Bardstown Road corridor with an affordable, upscale cuisine in an amazingly stylish yet comfortable atmosphere. Craft cocktails, locally brewed beers and wonderful wines will be offered accompanied by live music. We will be working closely with local farmers to provide quality food presented in cutting edge fashion but at an affordable cost. We want more people to experience fine food, drink and entertainment without being limited by price or setting. Come for a drink, and stay for the food and entertainment. Come for the food and stay for a drink and the entertainment or come for the music and stay for the food and drink. Just enjoy. Go Somewhere!

“Somewhere For Everyone”

Following excerpts taken from the article “Somewhere for Everyone” written by Remy Sisk in The Voice Tribune.

“David Mattingly and David Finn, owners of nightlife staple Nowhere Bar, have been mulling over the concept of their first restaurant venture for quite some time and are thrilled to unveil it to the public later this month. Finn sums up the vibe of Somewhere and contends that it is “a comfortable, casual, warm atmosphere where you can have a nice meal and a great craft cocktail or craft beer – I envision it to be a place where people will come together and sit around for a while.””

“The goal is for a table of two to be able to come in, enjoy an appetizer, a couple cocktails each and entrees and get out the door with an $80 check. Part of that dream stems from Finn and Mattingly’s own dissatisfaction with what is currently available to them as Highlands residents.”

“What that means to Mattingly is that Somewhere will serve “the food everyone wants to eat – the food you grew up on … Even the appetizers – you’ve got bacon-wrapped dates, which are going to be incredible; you’ve got wings for those who want more of a bar experience; and you’ve got flatbread pizzas. There is literally something on the menu for everybody.””

“Without question, anything and everything that will come out of Somewhere’s kitchen is sure to be absolutely first-rate thanks to the concept created by Finn and Mattingly. And above all, Somewhere will be a place for everyone – a place to feel laid-back and comfortable while getting a stellar meal.”